Ali Sandifer: 
The Studio & Workshop

Design is our passion and craft is our medium. Ali Sandifer is a design studio and workshop with a particular fondness for furniture. Our work is born from a simple belief that design, material, and craft must work together to achieve intelligence, beauty, and longevity. Our design process is sincere. We approach each challenge in search of a solution. We talk. We research. We question. We sketch. We prototype. We work at full-scale through multiple iterations until we arrive at the final product. We consider Ali Sandifer to be a laboratory for experimentation and refinement. The integrated nature of our operation allows us to move fluidly between studio and workshop, and design and craft.

Ali Sandifer was founded in the Midwest in 2004 and is based in Detroit.
Where we have operated since 2011.


Abir Ali  /  Designer & Creative Director 

Abir Ali is a designer whose work spans furniture, architecture, publication, and special projects management. Abir was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and professionally trained in Architecture. She holds a Masters in Architecture from the University of Toronto (2004) and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan (2000). She has led design-oriented work in Detroit, Chicago, and Toronto. Abir curates the studio’s overall body of work. She is passionate about the meaning of each individual piece the studio creates, as well as the collection of work over time. As a designer, she has an eye for proportion and scale. 


Andre Sandifer  /  Designer & Director of Craft

Andre Sandifer is a designer and a self-taught craftsman. He was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and professionally trained in Architecture. He holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan (2001) and a Bachelor in Facilities Management from Ferris State University (1996). Andre specializes in hand-fabrication with an expertise in hardwoods. He has managed various shop environments focused on woodworking and upholstery. He has worked as a designer on staff and an independent consultant to other furniture studios in addition to Ali Sandifer. As a designer, he has an eye for continuity and connections.