Ali Sandifer Hardwood Care

Care Instructions

An Ali Sandifer Piece is built with the intention to last. Environment and care are as important as craftsmanship. Finished hardwoods are a living and breathing material that are naturally sensitive to their environment. You should expect that the color of your Piece may change with age and exposure and this will give your Piece a beautiful patina. Your Piece will age gracefully in a place with balanced temperature and humidity levels and away from direct sunlight. Balanced conditions away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, cold, humidity, moisture and fluctuations in environmental conditions day to day or season to season are important to achieve lasting enjoyment of your Piece. To maintain your Piece, use a damp cloth for regular clean-ups. Routinely condition your Piece with a furniture-grade natural wax a few times per year for long-term maintenance. Do not use harsh detergents and polishes.